WordPress with Google Sheets - SheetDB - Google Sheets REST API

Display Google Sheets data in a WordPress site

If you have data from a Google Spreadsheet that you want to show to your users, SheetDB have great Library for that. To install it go to your WordPress Dashboard. Then go to Plugins > Add New and search for: SheetDB

You can also download and install it manually, the plugin page is here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sheetdb/

Install WordPress SheetDB API Plugin

From now on, you can use it like our handlebars library. You can also use the Square Brackets syntax to feel more WordPress like.

Let's make a simple table using this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mrsgBk4IAdSs8Ask5H1z3bWYDlPTKplDIU_FzyktrGk/edit

To display the content, add the shortcode like this:

[sheetdb url="https://sheetdb.io/api/v1/YOUR_API_ID"][/sheetdb]

Content from within will be rendered as many times as there are rows in the spreadsheet (excluding the first row, which are column names). Each time a new row is rendered, you can refer to any value using the braces notation: {{column_name}}. Of course you can use html to style the result.

[sheetdb url="https://sheetdb.io/api/v1/58f61be4dda40"]
{{id}} – {{name}}<br>

The result of this code is here:

{{id}} – {{name}}

Additional attributes

You can use following optional attributes:

  • limit – The number of rows that should be returned
  • offset – Row from which it should start (how many rows to skip)
  • search – You can search for specific data in your sheet. If you want to use more than one condition join them using & symbol. Example: search="name=Tom&age=15"
  • sheet - Specify the sheet (tab) you want to work with
  • sort-by – The column you want to sort by
  • sort-order – sort in asc or desc order
  • element - the element that will contain all content, defaults to div

You can also use query strings and slots. More information on Plugin site, on our post about JS library and in the documentation.

Your content will always be up to date. A Google spreadsheet is a nice place to store backend data, you can share it with anyone and everyone knows how to use it ;)


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Good luck!

Code to display Google Spreadsheet content