Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a RESTful API

Transform google spreadsheet into a JSON API and use it as a data store in matter of seconds.

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Google Spreadsheet as backend - API

No installation

Create google spreadsheet, fill first row with column names, and the rest of the data.

Create API at SheetDB and you are good to go.

Use it as RESTful API

Read whole spreadsheet as JSON with GET request. Write or delete any data by simple POST, PUT and DELETE requests.

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Custom integrations

If you need any solution related to google spreadsheets feel free to contact us. We have made a lot of integrations for non IT people. We can help you search througth Google Places, make a crawler to get some data from the internet and much more.

Use it as CMS

With sheetdb you can capture forms or propagate sites. Your clients will be able to modify content of site using Google Spreadsheet.


Create, Read, Update and Delete data with no setup needed. Just fire off a request to our API, you’ll get proper http status code and JSON data as an answer.

Language independent

If you can make RESTful requests and read JSON, you are all set. Which means, every modern language has already got it.