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Cookies policy

Last Updated: 14 November 2022


  1. Controller – Krzysztof Świtalski, sole proprietor of business under the name PixelPerfection Krzysztof Świtalski with permanent business seat in Wrocław (51-313) at ul. Zielna 38, entered into Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) Tax ID number NIP: 8951838474, National Business Registry number REGON: 367017298.
  2. Cookies – IT data, small text files saved by websites that you visit and stored on Devices by means of which you are using the Controller’s website. The information contained in Cookies is necessary for the website to function properly, while the files are encrypted, which makes it impossible for them to be made available to unauthorized persons. The information stored in Cookies may be read by the Controller and their clients (for technical purposes).
  3. Device – electronic devices by means of which you get the access to Controller’s website.
  4. Website – together with sub-sites.


  1. The Controller uses Cookies by intermediary of the website.
  2. The information gathered basing on Cookies is used for proper optimization of the functioning of the website as well as for statistical and advertising purposes.
  3. Cookies register Website User’s activity by recognizing the device, thanks to which the website is displayed under the form matching User’s preferences.
  4. Solutions applied on the website are secure for the Devices of Users browsing Controller’s website. It is impossible for malware or harmful software to penetrate User Devices.
  5. The Controller uses two types of Cookies:
    • Session Cookies: these files are stored on User Device and remain there until the User leaves the website or the closing of the browser is completed. At that moment the saved data is permanently removed from Device memory. The principle of the activity of Session Cookies does not accept the downloading of any personal data or any confidential information from User Device.
    • Persistent Cookies: they are stored on User Device and remain there until their removal. Files of this kind remain in User Device for a definite time specified in file parameters or until they are manually removed by the User. The end of a given browser session or disabling the Device does not result in their removal from the Device. The principle of the activity of Persistent Cookies does not accept the downloading of any personal data or any confidential information from User Device.
    • Third-party Cookies: this data comes from external servers, e.g. advertising ones, from the providers of satnav services (maps or browsers). Files of this kind make it possible to assess the effectiveness of advertising activities and design related actions according to User preferences.
  6. Cookies can be divided into basic and marketing ones (the criterion: purpose of their use):
    • Basic Cookies – installed after User’s consent by the intermediary of the settings of software installed on the device. Basic Cookies include:
      • Technical Cookies – files necessary to ensure proper operations of the website, including: proper display of the website depending on User Device type or its settings; they adjust website content important from the technical point of view for the operations of the website (e.g. language of the website); they remember if the user has expressed their consent for viewing some content.
      • Analytical Cookies – files necessary to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities undertaken by us without identifying Users’ personal details as well as to improve the functioning of our website, for this purpose: they analyze statistical data concerning website traffic and verification of the source of traffic (so called redirection), detect website traffic abuse (e.g. fake traffic – bots), measure the effectiveness of actions carried out for the Controller e.g. within the Google advertising network, on external websites;
    • Marketing Cookies – files installed only when the User expresses their consent. By the intermediary of these file we profile the advertisement displayed on Controller’s website as well as external website according to the data possessed by the Controller, including user behaviors on Controller’s website. The files remain valid for 2 years from their installation. While entering the Controller’s website you may not give your consent for the use of Cookies for marketing purposes, as a result of which we will not be able to adjust our advertisements basing on the collected data on your behavior on our website. General advertisements, however, can still be displayed. For publishing advertisements online we use the tools made available by Google.
  7. The User may at any time remove Cookies from the browser and disable their future installation.


  1. The User has the possibility to limit or disable the access of Cookies on their Device. When such option is selected, it will be possible to use Controller’s website with the exception of functions that require Cookies by their nature.
  2. The User may on their own and at any time modify Cookies settings by determining the conditions of their storage and obtaining the access via Cookies to User Device.
  3. Modifications of settings referred to above can be performed by the Users via website settings or service configuration. The settings can be modified in particular in a way to block automatic Cookies support in browser settings or inform each time about their installation on the Device. Detailed information on the possibility and options for Cookies support are available in software (Internet browser) settings.
  4. The User may remove Cookies any time using the functions available in the Internet browser they use.
  5. Restrictions of the use of Cookies may affect some functionalities available on Controller’s website.


Cookie name Mode of operation Entity name Use
Google Analytics Google Analytics enables traffic measurement on websites as well as using the data to adjust advertisements displayed by the bank on websites and in mobile applications (more information at: and Google Ireland Limited Marketing
Intercom Allows users to access their conversations and have data communicated on logged out pages for 1 week. Intercom, Inc. Support
Stripe To provide fraud prevention. Stripe, Inc. Functional